Cohere CEO: New product, customer names coming this year

News | February 2, 2021

Startup Cohere Technologies on Tuesday announced more features and functions based on its massive MIMO scheduler and Delay-Doppler channel software technologies, and promised that the offering would be commercially available later this year.

The company also said it has received more funding and, according to CEO Ray Dolan, Cohere is now “very well funded into the future.” Dolan declined to provide details.

But perhaps the most important update from Cohere was Dolan’s promise that the company expects to begin naming operator customers and investors sometime later this year.

“I knew this was going to take a while,” he said of Cohere’s efforts in the wireless market. “The question is: Can we get commercial traction?”

The answer, Dolan said, will be clear by the end of 2021.

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