Spectrum Multiplier software for any Waveform, RAN, Cloud & Silicon helps Mobile Operators take full advantage of Massive MIMO and Cloud economics

#GLOMOAwards Winner 2020

Winner of “Best Network Software Breakthrough”


#GLOMOAwards Winner 2020

“Most Innovative Mobile/Wireless Product or Service”

“Company of the Year (Private)”


#GloTelAwards Winner 2020

Nominated for “Digital Transformation Innovation”



June 14-23

Montreal, Canada Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ronny Hadani, Chief Scientific Officer

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A New Dimension

Cohere Technologies has invented a new wireless modulation technology called Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space (OTFS), that implements a 2-Dimensional representation of the wireless channel making all wireless transmission under any conditions resilient to channel dynamics. OTFS delivers a stable, reliable, predictable and consistent signal everywhere that scales linearly with the network. So, network operators can now deliver profitable wireless services that work in the real world: from trains moving at 500km/h to autonomous cars, from low bit rate battery operated massive internet of things to smart homes and cities to Gbps per user everywhere. The possibilities are limitless.

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Discover the Possibilities of OTFS

A new generation of wireless is here. Cohere technologies is on a mission to transform wireless communications empowering a whole new generation of applications. The possibilities are limitless.

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Mobile Broadband

With 5G and beyond, mobile broadband undergoes a transformation to 10Gbps peak rates, 1Gbps at 500km/h, 10,000x the network traffic.

With its high tolerance to Doppler shifts, superior multipath separation and linear scaling with MIMO, OTFS is the only wireless modulation that can meet these enhanced mobile broadband requirements to usher in a new generation of wireless services and applications.

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Checkout the drone video from a test in San Francisco to see how OTFS deals with multipath transmission.

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Mission Critical Control

Autonomous cars, Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-infrastructure, Remote health monitoring are some of the usecases that require ultra reliable communications with latency below 1ms.

OTFS extracts full diversity of the wireless channel independent of the packet size and thus yields high reliability and resilience to interference.

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Internet of Things

More than 50 Billion devices will be connected over the next decade generating more than $12 trillion of goods and services. Humans, machines, cars, drones, homes, buildings, entire cities and industries will be interconnected in a global internet of things. Future networks will need to support these energy efficient low-data rate connections at massive scale.

OTFS is designed to be a low-power consumption, reliable energy, efficient transmission enabling Intelligent and flexible trade offs between coverage and capacity.

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Smart Cities on the Horizon

A digital transformation is underway that’s enabling cities, countries and entire continents to connect, communicate, collaborate and improve quality of life in unprecedented ways. This places new demands on the communications network to be high bandwidth, fast, resilient, secure and reliable. Future networks for Smart Cities will need to address these demands and be responsive, adaptive and scalable.

With low complexity of implementation and real-time flexibility, OTFS is built from the ground up to usher in this new era of communications.

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Smart Home Solutions

Home is the new frontier for an intelligent, distributed network of sensors and communications devices, that connect and interact to secure, simplify and significantly enhance quality of life. Everything from thermostats to alarms, cameras and lights to home appliances need to connect seamlessly in an autonomous network.

OTFS delivers a wire-like performance for such a network that guarantees the bandwidth and reliability to make the dream of a smart home a reality.

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