Tomorrow’s technology for today’s network challenges

From gigabit broadband at 500km/h to smart cities and homes, from massive Internet of Things (IoT) to connected cars, this new generation of applications has complex requirements that must scale to support tens of billions of devices, which is nearly impossible with existing technology. A whole new approach to wireless communication is required.

Cohere developed the Delay/Doppler model to  deliver a Massive Multi-user MIMO without the problems currently surfacing as operators try to deploy 5G. Cohere’s approach provides an accurate channel estimate and prediction, which are the essential ingredients for beam forming, a channel that ages slowly and is fully independent of modulation. It allows Massive Mu-MIMO on both Time-division duplex (TDD) and Frequency-division duplex (FDD), meaning it can deliver many of the benefits of 5G on 4G networks. Perhaps most importantly, it enables an overall network architecture that is consistent with the evolution of the cloud.

5G takes a 4G radio airlink (with some subtle changes) and tries to “reuse it” many times in the same geographic area, thereby creating far greater capacity from the same spectrum. This is accomplished with “beam forming”, which the industry calls Massive Mu-MIMO. It’s very similar to what the Fiber industry did when they created WDM, allowing a single fiber to be used over and over by separating wavelengths, or “colors”. This created tremendous leverage as a single fiber strand could function like many, many strands. Fiber optic capacity increased dramatically without needing to redeploy new cables in new trenches. That same leverage can be delivered to spectrum through smart antennas, or Massive Mu-MIMO. The concept is simple, but the deployment issues are complex in today’s TDD/FDD model.

With Cohere, 5G can provide far greater capacity, far higher peak rates and opening the future to new applications that can coexist on a single channel using the “Delay/Doppler” approach.

Maximize Signal Energy

Cohere’s Technology Maximizes Signal Energy and Minimizes Interference for 4G and 5G Networks


The aggregated signal energy results in a coherent reconstruction of the transmitted signal at the receiver, which contributes to a stable, reliable and consistent behavior of the connection.