Smart Home Solutions

Home automation and connected home service offerings are exciting new revenue opportunities for wireless and wireline network operators. Consumers are willing to pay for home automation services to make their lives more comfortable, secure, and safer.

Ultra-reliable, secure, and power-efficient home networks enable new revenue opportunities for access network service providers in the Internet of Everything world. Connecting household members’ preferences, devices, and usage rules makes consumers’ lives more comfortable, safe, and secure through event-based network automation and notifications. Home security, home automation, and remote management of Internet of Things (IoT) are generating new revenue streams for network service providers in a world where the ultra-reliable home network is a foundational necessity.

Everything in the home needs to be connected wirelessly. Wirelessly connecting the expanding number of appliances, sensors and systems is the key to the success of a Smart Home. Connectivity allows them to interact with each other, automatically invoke usage rules to suit each member of the household’s preferences and prioritizes the rules, enables homeowners to remotely control smart home capable devices, and lets them alert homeowners to any issues.

Home WiFi networks are often insufficient for the connectivity needs of the Smart Home as they lack sufficient range and drop connections due to interference from interior walls, bad router placement, and WiFi is vulnerable to security threats such as spoofing.

Cohere Technologies’ OTFS wireless modulation technology is an ideal Smart Home solution capable of connecting all devices in a secure, robust and reliable manner. OTFS is uniquely able to overcome signal fading, signal reflections and other interference that limit the throughput, range and reliability of current wireless technologies.

OTFS is ideal for low-power use-cases for IoT.

OTFS is more secure than OFDM WiFi for wireless home security systems.

OTFS provides better wireless network coverage for your entire home.