EMBB – Enhanced Mobile Broadband

Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are upgrading their networks to keep up with consumers’ insatiable demand for more mobile data. Gbps connections to vehicles, high speed trains, data-intensive applications such as sharing of live and pre-recorded videos and immersive 360º experiences are some of the applications driving the demand for more coverage and capacity at reduced cost. Newer applications such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Immersive Gaming are expected to consume even more bandwidth and sustained high capacity connections than today’s applications. Is your network ready?

Today’s wireless networks do not have enough spectrum bandwidth and network capacity to serve and meet growing consumer demands. By 2021, wireless networks will increase in usage by 47% CAGR annually to reach 49 Exabytes per month. Speeds will reach peaks of 10Gbps and deliver 1Gbps at 500km/ hour. Is your network ready for this increase in wireless usage consumption

Cohere Technologies has patented a breakthrough wireless modulation technology that delivers significant improvements in spectral efficiency and network capacity while maintaining a stable, reliable and predictable wireless connection across a coverage area. As the world anxiously awaits 5G, to gain more network capacity, Cohere Technologies’ OTFS is already up to the challenge.

Deliver 100% coverage for mobile users

Use spectrum more efficiently compared to existing 4G/LTE technology by a factor of 10

Help carriers save up to 50% on operating costs of their current 4G/LTE networks

How Does OTFS Deliver More Capacity?

2-Dimensional Representation of Channel

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OTFS scales linearly with MIMO unlike OFDM

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