5g turboconnect cloud ran Solution

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Delivering Unprecedented Capacity and Coverage at a Fraction of the Cost of Fiber

Demand for broadband connectivity continues to grow at a meteoric pace. The advent of 4K TV, multiple high resolution display devices in the home and streaming technology is creating an insatiable demand for bandwidth that network operators are unable to meet. Network operators are exploring ways to address this demand without incurring the huge cost of fiber.


Cohere Technologies has developed a 5G Cloud RAN solution that is based on the company’s groundbreaking Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space (OTFS™) technology.

The solution is a single platform for a wide variety of applications from Fixed Wireless Access, Mobile Broadband to Smart Homes and Cities to Industrial Internet of Things.

Network Operator Challenges




Demand for 1000x increase in capacity

Networks require a 1000x increase in capacity to meet the growing demand for data. Existing alternatives are incapable of meeting this demand.





Delivering fiber-like service everywhere

Operators want to extend the coverage of existing broadband networks cost effectively. Existing alternatives are incapable of meeting this demand





Enabling profitable broadband service

Cost to deliver bandwidth must compete with fiber. Fiber is too expensive to deploy ($1000-5000 per household passed).

Introducing 5G turboConnect Fixed Wireless Access

Cohere’s 5G turboConnect FWA solution is a flexible and scalable solution that delivers broadband access to rural, urban and suburban environments. 5G turboConnect features Cohere’s patented OTFS modulation. OTFS is an entirely new multi-dimensional modulation that overcomes the inherent issues of wireless transmission far more effectively than the current modulations (e.g., OFDM, and CDMA) to dramatically increases bandwidth and coverage. OTFS builds a stable, deterministic and non-fading representation of a wireless channel to allow the receiver to coherently reassemble primary and multipath reflections of a transmitted signal. This maximizes the capacity of the channel to near Shannon’s capacity level. In addition, OTFS sustains the performance despite changes in channel conditions due to fading and Doppler. This ensures a guaranteed high capacity link under any condition.

Features and Benefits

Delivering Unprecedented Capacity and Coverage at a Fraction of the Cost of Fiber

Features of 5G turboConnect include the following:

  • Powered by Cohere’s unique OTFS modulation
  • New Massive MU-MIMO Antenna technology
  • 10x Capacity of LTE per cell
  • 100% Spectrum re-use
  • 100% Coverage
  • Uniform SLA Across Cell
  • Interference Resilience
Highest Spectral Efficiency
  • 800 bits per second per Hertz
Lowered Cost of Operation
  • Just 40MHz of spectrum vs 100MHz of competing solutions
Unmatched Scalability
  • Linear scaling with antennas and channel bandwidth
Superior System Performance
  • Extended link budget delivering 1 Gbps peak rates to each subscriber
Uniform SLA
  • Stable and predictable service across the entire cell for high subscriber quality of experience
Delivering 10X RAN Capacity Using 1/3 the Spectrum of Competing Solutions

A disruptive new entrant in the fixed wireless space, 5G turboConnect is powered by Cohere’s OTFS technology — field proven to outperform other modulations like LTE and OFDM.

Network operators around the world have been testing Cohere’s solution to see evidence of superior coverage and capacity in Line of Sight, Near Line of Sight and Non-Line of Sight scenarios.

Industry Standard Components

5G turboConnect leverages standard architecture and components to implement a state of the art software based cloud RAN solution. This reduces CAPEX and OPEX, lowers the power consumption and enables the operator to quickly deploy services.


Active Multi-Beam Antenna

Cohere’s innovative active antenna design implements Massive MU-MIMO to deliver an industry-first one-antenna to one-stream.

  • Integrated Remote Radio Unit (RRU)
  • 8 Gbps per sector
  • MU-MIMO 16×16
  • Up to 4×4 per channel
  • Active interference cancellation
  • Greatest density of coverage
Software-Defined Radio Base Band Unit

5G turboConnect’s base band unit (BBU) is a software implemented design built on a general purpose platform. It is designed to leverage existing data center processing and networking capabilities.


Subscriber CPE

5G turboConnect’s CPE resides at the customer’s premises. It’s plug-n-play and modular design allows it to be easy to install and maintained. The modem is deployed inside the home with an RF cable connecting to an antenna outside.

  • Up to 1 Gbps peak rate
  • 2×2 or 4×4
  • Mounted Outdoor


Element Management System (EMS)

Easy-to-use web based system management interface.

  • Full FCAPS: Fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management
  • Comprehensive management dashboard
  • Cloud-based base station, antenna, and CPE configuration