3GPP Submissions

June 2017: 3GPP TSG-RAN, Qingdao

R1-1711251 Design of Long-PUCCH for UCI of more than 2 bits
R1-1711252 Support of long-PUCCH over multiple slots
R1-1711527 PRACH Preamble Format Design

May 2017: 3GPP Ran #89, Hangzhou

R1-1708314 Structure of PUCCH in long-duration

April 2017: 3GPP Ran #88B, Spokane

R1-1708313 PRACH Design
R1-1705458 PRACH Design

February 2017: 3GPP Ran #88, Athens

R1-1702374 NR SS Burst Composition and SS Time Index Indication
R1-1702375 4-step RACH Procedure

January 2017: 3GPP Ran #NR-AH 1701, Spokane

R1-1700844 Pilot Scrambling Sequences for DMRS Port Multiplexing
R1-1701250 Discussion on RACH procedure and Resources

November 2016: 3GPP Ran #87, Reno

R1-1612629 Forward Compatibility Aspects of NR Control Channel
R1-1612632 On UL RS for CSI Estimation

October 2016: 3GPP Ran #86B, Lisbon

R1-1609825 OTFS Performance in High Doppler with Varying Subcarrier Spacing
R1-161044 6OTFS PAPR analysis

August 2016: 3GPP Ran #86, Gothenburg

R1-167593 Performance evaluation of OTFS in single user scenarios
R1-167594 Performance Evaluation of OTFS Waveform in Multi User Scenarios

R1-167595 OTFS Performance Evaluation for High Speed Use Case

May 2016: 3GPP Ran #84, Nanjing

R1-165053 Performance Results for OTFS Modulation
R1-165620 Discussion on Frame Structure for NR

April 2016: 3GPP Ran #84BIS, Busan

R1-162929 Overview of OTFS Waveform for Next Generation RAT
R1-162931 Frame structure and numerology for New RAT
R1-163619 OTFS Waveform for New RAT