RIC and RAN, Robin and Ribbon

News | August 7, 2020

VMWare and Intel said they would be extending their integration in vRAN, with VMWare developing a RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller) based on Intel Flexran architecture.

The RIC is a software element designed to run on standard hardware that, as it sounds, carries out near-real time (there’s also non-real time version) functions such as automated optimisation, channel estimation and coding and the like.

VMWare and Intel talked about a trial with Deutsche Telekom earlier this year, one that also included radio software smarties Cohere Technologies.

This announcement seems to take that work and make something more formal and productised out of it, with the companies talking of an “expanded collaboration”.

The companies said the partnership would: “build programmable open interfaces that leverage Intel’s FlexRAN software reference architecture and a VMware RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), to enable development of innovative radio network functions using AI/ML learning for real time resource management, traffic steering and dynamic slicing. This in turn will assist in optimised QoE for rollout of new 5G vertical use cases.”

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