A tale of Open RAN innovation from Cohere Technologies

News | June 29, 2020

One company with a different approach to processing beaming management calculations is Cohere Technologies.

Cohere came to attention at the start of the year when it was revealed to have been part of a Deutsche Telekom trial of new O-RAN and vRAN technology. DT was testing virtual infrastructure from VMWare to host virtual instances of RAN software according to the Intel FlexRAN reference architecture. As well as Mavenir’s vRAN software, this trial included a near real time pre-standard RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller) – the O-RAN defined element that acts as a host for radio control software. (See more on this here.)

By deploying on the open RIC, Cohere was providing its beam forming software algorithms as a functional adjunct to the Mavenir RAN – doing clever things like channel measurement and prediction in very quick time. And behind that sentence there is a story that illuminates the shift from battling through standards processes to exploiting open platforms, because this is not Cohere’s first foray into the 5G market.

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