Leading Lights 2020 Finalists: Most Innovative Mobile/Wireless Product or Service

News | August 4, 2020

It’s no secret that the mobile and wireless industry continues to push the bounds of innovation. Whether it’s relatively simple but revolutionary actions like connecting smartphones to speedy networks or on-the-horizon activities like precision agriculture, the mobile and wireless sector remains a hotbed of innovation.

And it doesn’t hurt that many of the innovations in the space can actually be positioned into the “for the betterment of mankind” category – something we can’t necessarily say for, oh, say, the social networking sector?

Nonetheless, massive innovations like smartphones are often built on the iterative developments like those listed below. Behind every major cultural trend are thousands or millions of steps forward, whether it’s new antenna technologies or fancy billing schemes.

This year, three companies have been shortlisted for “Most Innovative Mobile/Wireless Product or Service” for their efforts in this area.

The three companies in the running are:

  • Amdocs – RevenueONE
  • Cohere Technologies
  • Rakuten, Intel and Altiostar Networks

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