Deutsche Telekom tests virtual RAN platform with VMware, Intel

News | February 26, 2020

Deutsche Telekom, Intel and VMware announced a partnership to test an open virtual RAN (vRAN) platform at the German operator’s headquarter in Bonn. VMware developed the system based on Intel’s FlexRAN architecture. The platform is based on O-RAN standards in order to bring agility to radio access networks for both existing LTE and future 5G networks.

Intel processors and FlexRAN will support vRAN workloads on top of VMware’s telco cloud platform, optimized for real-time and low-latency workloads. The system also includes a VMware-developed pre-standard, near-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) that will adopt O-RAN open interfaces to deliver real-time, radio resource management capabilities as applications on top of the platform. Deutsche Telekom will partner with VMware, Intel, Cohere Technologies and Mavenir to develop the system.

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