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Cohere’s innovative and breakthrough software technology improve 4G and 5G networks which helps enable reliable mobile services for everyone. Cohere’s mission is to transform wireless communications with software.

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Life at Cohere

Senior Wireless and Networking Engineer
Santa Clara, CA
Job Code (SWNE-CA)

Write software for networking protocol stacks in an embedded Linux environment. Design and implement the wireless communication system protocol stack (Wi-Fi, HSDPA, and LTE) drivers in network security, telecom, and Wi-Fi gateways. Implement state machines, security, data path, and control path code on a Linux kernel-based protocol stack. Develop and troubleshoot features such as initial connection, security key exchange, DFS, interference detection, and other control features. Develop software on an embedded platform using Wireline interfaces based on Gb Ethernet at Layer 2. Perform Linux user space programming with data path acceleration hardware offload, CPE and Hub (eNB) platform software in C++, and Ingress and Egress Packet Capture and Playback. Involved with TCP/IP stack and packet capture anlaysis using Wireshark. Optimize and fine-tune packet processing performance of the protocol stacks with processing and memory resource constraints.

Must have Master’s degree or foreign equivalent, and 8 years of experience.

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Must reference job code SWNE-CA in order to be considered.